poster from the unofficial Russian gremlin remake (1985)
When an outbreak of gremlins terrorizes the soviet capital the world is brought to the brink of nuclear war. Only Gizmo and Bylov Peltzov can save the world

zombie alien

Story Idea:

1947: An alien spaceship crashes in Roswell, the wreckage and a dead body of an alien being is transported to a near by military base.  The body and ship is examined by the best scientists America has to offer but the damage from the crash is to great to learn from it's technology.
to understand the alien technology one scientist insists the only way to do so is directly from the alien itself. Using experimental techniques from his time during the war he is able to resurrect the alien corpse. The dead body comes back to life becomes violent and begins to attack scientists partaking in the experiment,  The base goes into quarantine as the chaos ignites… to be continued… probably  


The Box Troll:  A mythological being that dwell in warehouses and other box filled areas and are considered  dangerous to human beings.  


Red Dragons

vulture pentagram

Alternative pentagram design 

the dead throne

The King is Dead

Long live the King

Game of Thrones
the Night King of Westeros 


Illustrations by Alex Yates

A collection of skull drawings I've done In recent times brought together in a art book
20 pages
A5 in size
black and white
contains adult content
you can buy a copy here

The Hideous Freak

The Hideous Freak

a Cronenberg style hulk story about a boy who strives to become a superhero only instead mutates into a horrific monster.

Alien prints

illustrations by Alex Yates

3 alien prints
digitally printed by me 
printed on A4 matt paper 

3 alien prints. illustrated in 2016. originally drawn for my alien art book

alien book

illustrations by Alex Yates
featuring guest artist - Harry Griffin Hayes

16 pages
A5 in size
black and white

A collection of alien inspired drawings brought together in a little art book.

here are some sample photos


Alien: the Beginning

The first drawing of a series of alien drawings that I'm made into a art book
you can check it out here

ZOMBIES 1914 - The Western Front

ZOMBIES 1914 - The Western Front
A zombie outbreak originates in central Europe
The zombies sweep through Belgium. infecting civilians and destroying villages and spreads into northern France where they meet both the French army and British resistance Force. 
after A series of engagements, construction of a strong defensive line begins to contain the spread of the infection. 
The western front is born.


I made a lil art book filled with star wars drawings
you can check it out here

alternative Christmas card

Christmas card 2015

annual alternative christmas card I made this year

you can download a copy and print it out here

if anyone wants one, hit me up 

Porn of the Dead Drawings

a couple of drawings from my Porn of the dead book
for more info see here

or to buy a copy, visit my store

telling tasha

cover art for horror punk band "Telling Tasha"
for the upcoming album "Corpse Blossom"
inspired by the video dead cover

porn of the dead drawings

first issue of probably many porn of the dead books I'm gonna make filled with zombies, sex and gore.
you can check it out here
here is a few Illustrations from the first issue